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All You Must Know About Singer Prelude Sewing Machine Before Purchasing

The Singer Prelude 8280 Sewing Machine is quite a basic electrical sewing machine. The unit would be a suitable fit for entry-level people or possibly those who mean to do occasional, small projects, as the controls are easy.

This is a relatively lightweight machine, and the given instructions are good enough. This machine’s easy and quick threading, adjustable foot pressure, built-in accessory storage, horizontal thread delivery, and heavy-duty metal frame make it a truly convenient one.

Singer Prelude 8280


Product Description of Singer Prelude 8280 Sewing Machine

This basic sewing machine boasts features like an automatic four-step buttonhole, 7 built-in stitches, a free arm for sleeves and cuffs, and four included presser feet to aid you in accomplishing your creative projects.

Several accessories are included, such as buttonhole foot, general purpose foot, zipper foot, button sewing foot, feed cover, oil bottle, screwdriver, seam ripper/ lint brush, spool caps, stitch guide, power cord, bobbins, needles, foot pedal, and instruction manual. 

It offers a six-second threading system top drop-in bobbin with the bobbin viewer slide plate and heavy-duty aluminum frame. On decorative stitches, auto tension lock functions well. With the touch of a button, you will get secure and tie-off decorative stitches.

13 needle positions and its long-lasting white LED light illuminate the sewing outside surface for optimum viewing. This long-lasting lifetime bulb stays up to 100,000 hours, irrespective of how long the machine is performed. 

Singer Prelude’s needle bar disengages when winding the bobbin automatically. It includes 5 snap-on presser feet that are automatic bobbin winding clutch.

Adjustable stitch Width and length electronic twin needle control 15J bobbins DC motor and imparts instant start up and stop without coasting for precise and accurate stitch placement. Foot control power cord and AC-powered accessory kit instructional manual are accessible here as well. 

Other Characteristics & Features


This machine includes an aluminum frame which helps keep the weight much lower. This 8280 weighs in at almost 12.98 lbs (i.e., 13 lbs) which is worth it if you’re after portability. 

Here you’ll find a light built inside the machine, which illuminates the sewing area. The LED light utilizes a 100,000 hours bulb and is therefore fabricated to last for quite a long time (even likely longer than the life of the usual sewing machine).

However, it might be an issue if you desire to do free-motion sewing with this 8280. You can’t drop the feed dogs. Regardless, one of the accessories catered is a feed cover plate (or a darning plate). You could place this plate over feed teeth. Moreover, this resists the teeth from coming in contact with fabric, thereby permitting you to do the free motion sewing.

Additionally, a removable storage compartment contributes to access to the free arm. Generally, this storage compartment is utilized to stow the accessories that are contained within the unit.

What About Warranty!

This unit carries out the typical Singer Prelude 25-year limited warranty. It’s crucial to know that it doesn’t mean that the entire machine is covered up for 25 years. What this indicates is the following:

90-day Limited warranty on belts, attachments, bulbs, adjustments, and rings.

2- year Limited warranty on the electric parts such as lighting assembly, motors, speed control, wiring, electronic components, and switches.

25-year Limited warranty on the sewing machine head.

What Are The Accessories?

You’ll get 4 presser feet with the Singer Prelude 8280: buttonhole foot, general purpose foot, zipper foot, and button sewing foot.

Also, you will find a pack of needles, a darning plate, a screwdriver, class 15 bobbins, spool caps (small and large), a quilting guide, a seam ripper, and foot control. Additionally, there’s an instruction DVD, an operating manual, a dust cover, and a power cord.

Note: doesn’t state at all that this 8280 comes with an instruction DVD. However, we’ve noticed that most possessors report that it does. Hence, we always suggest you check with the retailer if you feel this is significant to you.

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Sewing Machine Manual


The operating manual is given in three languages: French, Spanish, and English. It covers such things as winding the bobbin, the basic components of the machine, setting the tension, reverse sewing, threading the machine, selecting a pattern, zippers, buttons, and all the other features virtually. Also, it covers troubleshooting and maintenance.

  • The Singer Prelude 8280 sewing machine is a compact, solid yet lightweight model which is easy for setting up, but also to stow it if you do not have sewing space where you could leave it or if you would like to be able to take it with you when you require it. Also, it’s equipped with a carrying handle to ease its transport.
  • The number of stitches accessible is a bit limited, but it permits you to take the benefits of essential stitches for sewing.
  • To put it on the sewing machine, just follow up the path delineated on it by means of a system of legible and clearly visible blue arrows.
  • The feed dog holds the entire fabric securely that too in place, and pressure of the presser foot could also be adjusted for heavier fabrics.
  • You’ll be able to choose the sewing speed which suits you the best since you’ll have the alternatives between 3 of them.
  • You can manually adjust the thread tension.
  • The 8280 isn’t only sturdy but also durable due to the utilization of durable materials in Singer’sSinger’s construction.
  • The lighting imparts an adequately bright sewing area for your comfortable working.
  • Its price range is economical.
  • All its accessories are quite appreciated which are sold with it and that permit you to take full perks of the sewing machine, for instance, the assorted presser feet.
  • Some users reveal that the user manual is complicated for reading to get commenced. It might then be necessary to read it several times to understand the entire features. Otherwise, it is also feasible to utilize the tutorials available on the Internet. 
  • The Singer Prelude 8280 sewing machine is noisy compared to the other models.
  • Furthermore, while sewing at the maximum speed, as it is rather a light machine, it makes out to move under the action of vibrations.

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What Are Owners Opinions?

Owners like the combined manual and instructional DVD and feel they’re really helpful. In point of fact, some say that reading the manual and watching out the DVD are critical steps before attempting to setting-up and utilize the Prelude 8280. 

We found a soundly useful comment from a purchaser who presents some notable tips and tricks on getting the most out of the Singer Prelude and specifies some things you need to know before you begin. Its lightweight attribute makes it a decent choice for individuals looking for portability. It’sIt’s also a simple sewing machine, and its minimal options/features lessen the complexity. 

As a basic machine, some possessors say that Singer 8280 is a wise choice for beginners until they struggle with the problems of the unit. 

Another thing is that sometimes you might see the high-rise on its price. It happens due to increased sewing machine requirements. However, we have seen in the past this specific machine in the low as $ 100’s.

In addition, this is not a powerful machine – frankly, which is not uncommon at all with its price point. You might run into problems if your goal is to utilize it for multiple sewing layers of fabric or perhaps the thick fabrics.

All-in-all, we would say that roughly 85% of Singer 8280 owners are satisfied with their purchase and the others are not. In our opinion, this machine is great. Most owners believe out there they can hardly get some better Singer machines than this one.

What sort of seamstresses is it aimed for?


This Singer Prelude 8280 sewing machine proffered by Singer is aimed at an immense number of sorts of seamstresses.

Indeed, the Singer Prelude 8280 could be picked by a beginner seamstress who desires to learn and discover sewing with a simple yet functional machine but offers some basic functions. This way, you do not run the difficulty of feeling dazed by multiple settings, too many stitches, etc., and discourage you.

Furthermore, it is suitable for more experienced seamstresses because it proffers essentials for your sewing projects, irrespective of the fabrics you have chosen.

It might also be quite suitable for an occasional seamstress. Undeniably, it can be put away and then taken out of a closet in ease, for instance, when you just want to repair a zipper, etc.

The Singer Prelude 8280 is, therefore, such a sewing machine that will satiate a large number of dressmakers.

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let’s take look on Product Information:

  • Brand: Singer 
  • Manufacturer: Singer Sewing Company 
  • ASIN: B001OHKQP2
  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 7.5 x 12 inches
  • Item Model Number: 8280
  • Specification Met: Certified frustration-free
  • Batteries Required? No
  • Assembly Required? No
  • Material: Metal
  • Import Designation: Made in USA or Imported
  • Item Weight: 5.9 Kilograms
  • Power Source: Treadle Powered
  • Is Electric? Yes


The Singer Prelude 8280 sewing machine is a particularly decent machine as you can buy this one without breaking your bank. Its price/quality ratio is noticeable. It permits you to take the benefits of a solid and versatile machine. The fact that it’s of the mechanical kind will delight those users who are more reluctant to utilize electronic sewing machines, which might appear more tangled to use.

It doesn’t offer superfluous and can make one satisfied with the essentials, which permit you to focalize on learning how to carry out the practice rather than learning to utilize a machine. It combines the perks to fully satiate you and fulfill its role all in all.


Does anyone know where to find an automatic needle threader for Singer Prelude 8280 machine?

Amazon sells the Dritz threader that works fine.

Do any of these machines include covers or cases?

Yes, it includes a sewing machine case.

Is this a high shank machine or a low shank?

The Singer Prelude 8280 is a low shank sewing machine.

Is a small hemmed foot gettable with this machine?

Yes, any low shank hemming foot should work with this.

DOES Singer Prelude come with a foot pressure adjustment knob?

Certainly, the presser foot pressure is fully adjustable, and there is a knob placed on top of the machine.

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