You are currently viewing Singer Professional 9100 Reviews #2021 {Complete Review}

Singer Professional 9100 Reviews #2021 {Complete Review}

In this Singer 9100 review, we’ll introduce you to a versatile & powerful sewing machine, which you’ll locate appealing. However, we have something harsh about 9100 model to reveal.

Those sewists looking for an advanced sewing machine might conclude their decision to opt for this model. However, our testing results will make you step back!

Undoubtedly, this is a Premier Line computerized machine, and its modern looks with LED screen & each stitch can be rapidly referenced on the front panel.

However, to handle this computerized sewing machine, you might find sewing features a bit daunting.

In this review, let’s compare the functions of this model with JANOME 4120QDC (which is a perfect alternative to Singer 9100), and offers you additional whistles and bells.

This Singer 9100 professional review surely will make you familiar with the features & possibilities it should have to assist you completing your toughest sewing tasks with ease.


Janome 4120QDC

  • Creates quality stitches
  • Good machine for the price
  • Dependable and long warranty
  • Popular thread cutting feature
  • Right LCD Display
  • Easy to use
  • Good, descriptive owner’s manual
  • Quiet operation
  • Comes with lots of accessories
  • Great for quilting







Singer Professional 9100


  • Over 1,000 Stitch Functions
  • Extension Table
  • 9 Fully Automatic and 1-Step Buttonholes
  • Start & Stop Button
  • Automatic Presser Foot Pressure Control
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Great stitch quality
  • Low-noise operation






Singer Professional 9100 Review

First, watch this JANOME 4120QDC video review to know why are we recommending this one over Singer 9100.

Credit: Toews Sewing

The Singer Professional 9100 is, to put shortly, a pro yet not an eyesore type of looking machine. The Singer is an established brand and sees no requirement for gimmicks or flashy sewing machines to make their point.

Its white surface looks clean & easily fits into any hobby room, whereas the colorful pink accent is sufficient for Singer to display that class hides in the details. The LCD panel is large enough to read easily without getting distracted from your sewing work.

As light & relatively compact sewing machine, you’ll have no issue either moving or storing the Singer 9100. The biggest drawback is the portability issue. Yes, carrying 9100 while traveling will not be easy.

Once you install the extension table, you’ve ample working space for even the massive quilting projects.

However, Janome 4120QDC seems dominating in this term. Also we found issues with the 9100 model’s LED. The focus of LED is too sharp that sewing might became an eyesore task for you. Fortunately, 4120QDC offers you just perfect LED light’s focus also the extension table you get is wider.

Overall, this is a sewing machine, which looks professional and would be a fantastic addition to any hobby room. But in terms of massive quilting projects, 4120QDC is the way to go.

Similarly, for embroiders, we’d recommend Brother SE600, PE535, SE1900, and SE625.


Weight 18.95 lbs
Stitches 404 built-in stitches, incorporating nine automatic buttonholes & two alphanumeric fonts
Dimensions 18.3 x 14.3 x 10.8 inches
Type Computerized
Speed 750 stitches per minute
Warranty 25-year limited warranty
Bobbin Top drop-in bobbin


Weight 22.4 lbs.
Stitches 120 stitches
Dimensions 19.8 x 12 x 16 inches
Type Computerized
Speed 820 spm.
Warranty 25-year limited warranty
Bobbin Top-loading bobbin


Aimed at the greater experienced user, the Singer 9100 arrives with an ideal selection of accessories. These incorporate both the basics for the ambitious beginner and also more advanced items. As Singer is a well-known brand, you surely will locate additional accessories at most stores easily.

Included accessories are:

All-Purpose Foot Buttonhole Foot Zipper Foot
Blind Hem Foot Overcasting Foot Satin Stitch Foot
Daring and Embroidery Foot Rolled Hem Foot Gathering Foot
Button Sewing Foot Pack of Needles Edge/Quilting Guide
Bobbins Auxiliary Spool Pin Thread Spool Caps
Spool Pin Felt Brush/Seam Ripper Screwdrivers
Soft-Sided Dust Cover Extension Table


Extension Table Hard Cover Instructional DVD
Overedge Sewing Foot Zig-Zag Sewing Foot Zipper Sewing Foot
Blind Hem Sewing Foot Satin Stitch Sewing Foot ¼-inch Seam Sewing Foot
Automatic Buttonhole Sewing Foot Zig-Zag Sewing Foot Assorted Needle Set
Spool Holder (Small) Spool Holder (Large) Extra Spool Pin
Screwdriver Bobbins Lint Brush
Stitch Chart Instruction Book Seam Ripper

Singer Professional 9100 Review: Features & Functions of Janome Janome 4120QDC  are better

Just as it has been described earlier, computerized sewing machines such as Singer 9100 often arrive with a huge amount of in-built stitches, and in this unit itself, you’ll get 404 stitches incorporating 9 1-step buttonhole & 2 alphanumeric font designs. With these numerous options, you can be highly creative and craft different designs for every single of your project.

But the perfection is still on Janome 4120QDC’s side. It has 120 stitches but the quality is far better.

Automation is also what makes this sewing machine a helpful yet useful unit to have. For instance, the automatic needle threader Singer 9100 has which used to take time to do and was quite annoying sometimes now simplified with the help of this feature, so there’s no requirement of doing this tedious work anymore.

Again, the needle threader of 4120QDC is much more smooth.

For those who like a top bobbin, you’ll also love both the 9100 and 4120QDC for it’s using the system; this will be friendlier for numerous sewists as it’s easier to indicate in case the bobbin thread is already empty or not.

Wait, the interesting part of 4120QDC is down there!

The needle 4120QDC has is programmable, so making it stop at the top position possible when you stop sewing, and that will make it easier to eliminate the fabric and making it stop in a downward position is possible to make a quilt and the like more handle.

Another ideal feature to have is an extension table as it can assist you when dealing with massive projects, and this very machine is arriving with one.

When searching for a sewing machine, fast speed might be among your first considerations as it’ll play an essential role in how rapidly you can complete your sewing project.

Singer 9100 is not the quickest machine you can get; however, it is still able to deliver a fabulous 750 stitches per minute. On the flip side, Janome 4120QDC completes 820 stitches/minute, at better perfection.

Ok, what else is sweeter ab0ut Janome 4120QDC?

  • This machine features a control slider for speed, programmable needle/ up-down button, a start/stop button, reverse or reinforcement stitch button, as well as tie-off button to protect the stitch when you’re finished.
  • A bobbin winding & needle threading thread path is too clearly printed on the sewing machine. Threading the needle manually is possible, or using the built-in needle threader will be easy too. There are manual thread cutters saturated in strategic locations where you’ll require it the most.
  • The control panel consists of the LCD screen with backlighting. Besides that, a dotted light indicator on the right side to display you the selection “mode” you’re in. Also, below the screen are buttons for direct selection of stitches (accessible for the utility stitches), width & length adjustment, reset to default & add to memory. You can choose the stitch you want for utilizing from the stitch matrix pull-out cards at the machine’s bottom.
  • Adjusting the thread tension is possible using a dial on the machine’s top, while feed dogs can be lowered & lifted using a lever presented at its side. Replacing the presser feet is easily possible with its snap-on function & one-push release button. A powerful feed dog also works well together with the automatic pressure setting of presser feet.

Why We recommend Janome 4120QDC over Singer Professional 9100?

Yes, that’s a big question, especially when a highly rated machine like the 9100 gets overshadowed! Keep reading!

Can Work With All Materials

Among the ideal things that can be described in a Singer 9100 review – or any other sewing machine review – is how well it plays with distinctive types of fabrics.Well, Our testers have identified that lighter fabrics are a breeze, but denim posed a bit of resistance.

On the other hand…

With the help of proper handling of Janome 4120QDC machine, you’ll identify that the most heavy-duty fabrics are just a joy to work with. Don’t get afraid to take on bigger projects that are heavier with this machine; 4120QDC will tackle that all for you.

Low Learning Curve

For a machine that arrives with a bunch of options, the learning curve is surely remarkably low. Most beginner sewists get the hang of threading their sewing machine within their first try, and then, it’s just a matter of getting started.

In case you’re a nervous and first-time user, try to invite a more experienced friend that has sewing experience for a rapid introduction. You’ll only require help once; then, you can rapidly continue on your own.

Besides that, Janome also has an abundance of information accessible online, incorporating their manuals and support information on their site.

Janome 4120QDC is more Durable and Long Lasting than Singer 9100

Like other Singer sewing machines, the Janome 4120QDC model is built with a heavy-duty & sturdy, metal frame which permits the machine to take on material that is heavier without backing down.

This also assists in keeping your sewing machine stable. A strong frame assists in reducing skipping & jumping in your machine, and that will help minimize the number of mistakes you’ve to fix. After all, know you’ll have a sewing machine to last you for numerous years to come.

Manageable in Size

4120QDC is not a sewing machine you’ll have to clear a large-sized room for. Its compact size actually makes it easy for storing on desks, and it won’t be a hassle to make a good enough space for it in your sewing room.

This is fantastic for those having limited space. It weighs in at under 20 pounds; therefore, storing it in a cupboard or cabinet will be possible until you require it. Plus, if you want to take this sewing machine with you to any near sewing class, then it won’t be a struggle.

Anything to bother about Janome 4120QDC now?


Not Made for Travel

No matter if Janome’s machine can be used as a portable sewing machine, we still don’t recommend taking it overseas. There seems to be a problem with the distinctive voltage, and Singer recommends that you must not try plugging this in a while abroad – and in case you do, it’ll void your warranty.

This sewing machine is built to last you for numerous years, but not in case you determine to move abroad. Though in case you’re among those who have no considerations on traveling with your machine, then you won’t have to bother.

However, if you like doing all types of decorations & ornaments, and would like to get maximum built-in stitches for that if possible, while still not having to pay a great deal of money, this could be a fabulous machine for you. It’s unlikely you’ll get greater options & quality for the cash from any other sewing machine.

We conclude Singer Professional 9100 review with a better recommendation


We took you across this sewing machine’s every single essential in our Singer 9100 reviews so that making an ideal decision regarding purchasing it.

Overall, this sewing machine does its job but Janome 4120QD has an excellent approach. This machine provides you with so much in comparison to what you pay for it.

Besides that, there is nearly nothing like “ultra negative” in this machine that might threaten you, and you step back from purchasing it. janome 4120QD Cgives you such a huge variety of fabrics and stitches, which one can hardly demand anything additional at this price level.

So, buying it instead of singer Professional 9100

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