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Singer Simple 3337 Review [18 June2022] — Is It Perfect Investment?

Learning to sew is easy and fun with the 3337 model from Singer, manufactured with a sewing newbie in mind. This machine will provide you all of the foundational functions you need to get off to a good start.

Singer 3337 is a medium-sized machine. It’s portable and lightweight like Janome 2212, Brother XM2701, and Brother xm1010! Therefore, it’s smooth to move around. This baby weighs less than sixteen pounds.

It’s among a handful of machines under $150, that managed to score 90%+ score in our 9-step testing.

As you can see the chart below, it’s the best performer at its price. The short answer is – scoring well in all departments and on Amazon isn’t a small thing. Hence, Singer Simple 3337 machine is 100% recommendable.

Price Comparison of Singer Simple 3337 with various other models under similar category:

Singer 3337 ($159) 4.5 stars / 312 reviews 9.8
Janome 11706 ($209) 4.3 stars / 171 reviews 8.2
Juki DDL 5550 ($336) 3.8 stars / 29 reviews 7.4
Janome 11706 3/4 ($209) 4.2 stars / 171 reviews 7.3
Janome 3128 ($149) 4.1 stars / 37 reviews 7.1

Big Benefits


  • Impeccable stitch quality
  • User-friendly
  • Automated features that save time
  • Easily adjustable settings so that 3337 responds to your needs
  • A metal interior frame that adds sturdiness
  • Easy 1-step buttonhole sewing
  • Great customer support
  • A wide selection of accessories
  • Budget-friendly

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Aspect Score
Features & functions 87%
Easy to use 97%
Durability 87%
Quality & perfection 90%
Overall score 90%

Singer 3337 Not Working, what to do?

Your Singer 3337 machine may not work for a few reasons. Let’s go discuss the common ones, and we will also come out with possible solutions for those common reasons. Bobbin winding spindle might get engaged when you are trying to sew: in this kind of case, disengage bobbin winding spindle entirely. Power cord or/and foot controller might not get plugged in properly: in this kind of situation, make sure that they are properly seated in both the power supply and the sewing machine. Wrong bobbins might be utilized: Utilize just Singer branded bobbins, which are the same styles as the ones which come with your machine. Using other types of bobbins may cause trouble.

Is the Singer simple good?

The Singer Simple 3232 sewing machine is affordable and fairly basic. It comes with 32 built-in stitches and has a carry handle and a soft cover. The unit is also lightweight and very easy to use. Also, it scored a huge 9.8 percents in our testing. In short, Singer simple sewing machien is worth buying.

Is Singer 3337 the most basic Singer sewing machine?

Overall, the answer is pretty much yes! Why? Because all of its features such as Built-In Needle Threader, Thread Spool Caps, Edge/Quilting Guide, 29 Stitches and a lot more are all beginner-friendly. These features are so easy to use yet provide outstanding results in sewing tasks.

However, it’s lightweight and portable enough to fit into your working table. You could also take it to your classes. It has a perfect handle, which comes with a nice grip. If you wanna learn how to sew in very little time, then Singer Simple 3337 is the ideal choice for you.

It’s much easier to use, functionally rich, and reasonably priced. It’s made with newbies in mind. If you purchase this sewing machine, you will get a free online Singer class and Singer’s sewing assistant app that is available for both iOS and Android devices. 

It’s best for absolute newbies. However, professionals could find this model suitable for them as well. They could purchase this model as their backup unit, though.

What Are the Specifications?

Weight 12.57 lbs
Stitches 29
Dimensions 9.75 x 18.25 x 13.50 Inches
Type Computerized
Speed 750 stitches per minute
Warranty 25 Years
Bobbin Top load

What Are the Accessories?

Top Drop-In Bobbin 29 Stitches Built-In Needle Threader
1-Step Buttonhole Easily Adjust Stitch Length LED Light
All-Purpose Foot NEW Sew Easy Foot Zipper Foot
Button Sewing Foot Buttonhole Foot Heavy Duty Metal Frame
Edge/Quilting Guide Bobbins Pack of Needles
Thread Spool Caps Darning Plate L-Screwdriver
Auxilliary Spool Pin Seam Ripper/Lint Brush Spool Pin Felt
Soft-Sided Dust Cover Needle Type: 2020 Bobbin Class: 15 Transparent


  • Low operational noise


  • The width of the stitches can’t be adjusted (but VERY less machine has that feature at this price
  • Thread cutting is manual (Are you really expecting an automatic thread cutter at this price?)
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks (Brother CS6000i is suitable for that)

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What Are the Most Amazing Features ?

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the key functions of 3337 and determine if this cool model is worth your investment and time. You could purchase this 3337 mdoel from Singer at Amazon in a range from $150 to $170.

1. 29 Built-in Sewing Stitches & 1-Step Buttonhole

Singer 3337 comes with twenty-nine built-in sewing stitches, including stretch, decorative and basic patterns. You could pick from a wide collection of patterns and complete unique projects.

Buttonholes could be made in just a single step. Simply place the button in the buttonhole foot, and your machine will create a perfectly sized button. After all, It’s one of our favorite features.

2. Automatic Needle Threader & Top Drop-in Bobbin

We do appreciate the automatic needle threader as a function in this sewing machine because we have a short temper and also poor vision. Threading the needle is smoother; however, most importantly, it saves a lot of time. The see-through bobbin enables sewists to keep track of their bobbin thread. Thanks to this function, you won’t run low on bobbin thread again ever.

3. Led Light & Heavy-Duty Metal Frame

We always mention in our articles that we are big fans of good lighting. As we already stated, our eyesight is bad. And this machine responds to our needs. It gives you bright illumination.

But most importantly, the long-lasting LED lighting keeps it cool to the touch like you enjoy with Brother cs6000i . This function is ideal for night birds such as our experts who prefer to do some tests at night or have a darkroom. Another thing we like about this sewing machine is the sturdy construction.

On top of that, The unit’s internal frame is made of metal, which delivers long-lasting durability. It’s manufactured to last, so you’ll have it for a long duration.

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4. Snap-on Presser Feet & Darning Plate

You will definitely get snap-on presser feet, which are multiple. They could be easily changed whenever you desire. You’ll get a buttonhole foot, a button sewing foot, a general-purpose foot; a sew easy foot, and a zipper foot.

The darning plate is one of the best functions because when you place the darning plate into a spot over the feed dogs, it permits you to do free-motion sewing without any hassle.

5. Reverse Operation & Free Arm Capability

With the help of the reverse lever, you could easily sew in reverse. Your seam would fall apart if you do not backstitch in sewing. It is important to backstitch at the beginning and end of a seam.

All you have to do to allow the free arm of your machine is sliding off the storage section. The free arm comes in handy by simple stitching hems, sleeve cuffs, and other smaller things.

6. Adjustable Stitch Width and Length

SINGER 3337 1

3337 allows you to modify the look of the stitches by increasing or decreasing the space between stitches. Utilize this choice for different stitch methods like applique, bastic, etc. You have a controllable stitch width. The measure of the stitch from right to left is modifiable to produce the narrower or stitch wider as preferred.

As you could notice, 3337 is extreme-versatile, and on this basis, we can compare it to superb models like Brother LX3817, and Janome Derby.

7. Easy Stitch Selection Dial

The pre-installed sewing stitches are represented on the stitch selector dial according to the use. Selecting your stitch is smooth. Just simply turn the selection dial, and then you are good to go! As we already said earlier, It has a metal bobbin winder, and a variable-width zig-zag, built-in storage, and also an automatic bobbin winding.

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8. Online Step-By-Step Tutorials & Singer Sewing Assistant App

The online class teaches you how you can thread your machine perfectly, how to make a buttonhole, how to pick a design, how to change the needle, and also other types of the tutorial—utilizing this application to learn details about your sewing machine, how to set up your machine, how to start threading the top of the part and bobbin, how to pick up stitches, etc.

How to Use Singer 3337 Sewing Machine?

No matter even if you’re a newbie or advanced sewist, if you wanna get the most out of your machine, you must consult your manual instruction guide. It’s easy to follow because it’s very well-written.

If you are a potential and future sewist of this sewing machine, keep in mind that the only bobbins you must utilize with this sewing unit are totally transparent, Singer class fifteen bobbins. If you buy them in a pack of twelve, you will save up and receive a nice box for storing.

It isn’t suggested to use the old metal bobbins. Besides that, winding the bobbin with this 3337 is super easy. Do not forget to press the bobbin down very firmly. O else, the thread will automatically unwind without your awareness. We always utilize the foot adjustment for your winding.

All you have is to give gentle pressure. It’ll do the job very nicely. Wind until the bobbin automatically stops. You do not have to watch out then determine when the operation gets finished. The bobbin will automatically notify the completion.

We realized that numbers three, four, and five make the best option for the thread tension dial for all kinds of sewing projects.  If the upper side thread comes out loose, then select a higher number. But, if the bobbin thread comes out on the fabric, you may want a lower number.

While stitching decorative designs, lower the upper tension by one or two. We have a basic rule for the stitch-length dial. Take a higher configuration for heavyweight fabrics and a very short stitch length for lightweight fabrics.

How to Set up Singer 3337?

SINGER 3337 3

Like Singer 3221, it includes a wide collection of accessories that increases the value of this particular model.

The sew, the easy foot is one of the best and the most practical accessories. This beginner-friendly machine has many other amazing functions.

It’s easy to set up and utilize than the 3333 model. It’s perfectly loaded with twenty-nine pre-installed sewing stitches with a one-step buttonhole. You’ll get hemming, scallop stitches, overedge, etc.

Do you know what the best part is? You could control both the width and length of your stitches. Singer 3337 is a classy-looking machine as well. Besides that, the downward curve to the front side allows the material to slide up toward its stitch just simply.

The seven-point feed system makes sure the feed is much precise and consistent, keeping your material where it has to be! It is the perfect stitcher. The LED brightens up your working area.

And with the assistance you are getting from the automatic needle threader, it’s smooth to thread the eye of needles. The horizontal spool pin assists huge style thread spools over 1000m. Threading the top is basic! You just have to follow the numbered threading diagrams as well.

Placing the bobbin is much faster and simpler because of the new amazing bobbin thread setter. As you could notice, this singer sewing machine is much easier to set up. But it’s even easier to use. Let’s learn how to use this function and sewing machine as well.

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How to Thread a Singer 3337 Sewing Machine?

SINGER 3337 2

It comes with a top drop-in bobbin system. It’s totally transparent, so you could keep track of the thread supply very easily. You’ll never ever experience the trouble of running out of the bobbin thread.

Besides that, Threading is exceptionally super easy. Just place the wound bobbin inside the bobbin keeper, then you just have to guide your thread inside the threading path, which is marked on the sewing machine.

You do not need to draw up the bobbin thread by yourself. When you start with work, your machine will pick up the bobbin thread automatically for you.

It makes your tasks a lot easier and saves you time so you can finish your task much quicker; using this kind of feature will provide you the best sewing experience by giving a robust performance. We appreciate every feature that comes with this sewing machine because it provides a lot of functionalities.

The Conclusion

It has got all you require to begin with a compact design. On top of that, This baby is manufactured with making the newbies a first priority. It is the best sewing machine for newbies. But, professionals must purchase it as their backup compact sewing machine.

Singer 3337 Provides a high-quality job, with a collection of useful functionalities– automatic bobbin winder, reverse sewing, one-step buttonhole sewing, decorative, straight, and also stretch stitches.

It includes a wide collection of user-friendly accessories as well, including our favorite Sew Easy Foot, which is a dream-come-true for newbies. But, actions speak louder than words. When you implement it, Singer 3337 has proved to be a quality model worth every single penny you have spent on it.

The ideal thing is that it’s an excellent budget-friendly deal, you know. With Singer 3337, you’ll find yourself sewing ten minutes after you have bought it as there’s no need isn’t any requirement for extensive preparation though; download the application, turn on the automated function, and then voilà!

For all these kinds of reasons, we are adamant this sewing machine is worth your money to become a part of your experience in the world of sewing!

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