Brother Company

In early 2010, Brother Industries’ divisions around all Europe countries were consolidated in one prominent company known as “Brother Sewing Machines”. With a turnover above eighty million pounds, it’s the fourth-largest company under the Brother Ltd umbrella of organizations.

Brother Industries embroidery machines and computerized sewing in Taiwan and builds mechanical machines in Zhuhai, China. A new sewing machine manufacturing factory was opened recently in 2012 in Vietnam, the prominent solo brand sewing machine factory globally.

In September 2012, They manufactured a fifty millionth home sewing machine.

In May 2017, they manufactured a sixty millionth home sewing machine.

As for Industrial machines, Brother has introduced S-7300A “NEXIO” is a lockstitch sewing machine as this model was the first in the world which adopts the Electronic Feed. NEXIO is the first IoT applicable industrial sewing machine in the world. The visualization by connecting computer technology and sewing machines allows the user to manage, analyze processes and speed up their productivity maintenance work and improvement.

Janome Company

Janome Machine Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company that manufactures sewing machines, with producing plants in Taiwan, Thailand and Japan. In the Japanese language, The name “Janome” meant the snake’s eye. It was taken from the shape and looks of the bobbin design when the brand was established in 1935 at that time the round bobbin system was the latest advanced tech replacing the regular traditional long shuttle type.

Janome is a world-wide recognized company and has expanded in over a hundred countries around the globe. The distribution comes through retail sales, and details about where to buy could be found through their official website. 

Janome has always led the way with advanced technology and innovation in sewing by making a research laboratory in Tokyo in the 60s. Then in 1971 they manufactured and released the first machine with both computerized and programmable functions. 

Janome was the first to manufacture an advanced computerized sewing machine for home use in 1979. The model was Memory 7. The first to provide a professional-style embroidery machine to the home market in 1990. The model was the Memory Craft 8000 and the first to offer a long-arm quilting machine for home utilizations in 2003. The model was the Memory Craft 6500P.

Singer Company

Singer Corporation is an American sewing machines manufacturer, first established as IM Singer & Co. in 1851 by Isaac Singer with New York lawyer Edward Clark. Best known for its machines, it was renamed Singer Manufacturing in 1865, then the Singer in 1963. It’s based in Tennessee, La Vergne, near Nashville. Its first giant factory for mass production was developed in 1863 in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Singer’s original pattern was the first sewing machine for standard domestic utilization. It included the basic lock stitch and eye-pointed needle, built by Elias Howe, who also won a suit of patent-infringement against Singer.

Singer provided rent-to-own arrangements and credit purchases. They were permitting consumers to rent a sewing machine with the payments applied to the sewing machine’s eventual purchase and has sold world-wide through the utilization of direct-sales door-to-door canvassers to exhibit and sell the sewing machines.

In 2006 The parent company of the Singer-Kohlberg and Company acquired Pfaff and Husqvarna brands. They have merged the 3 brands in the one current company, the SVP Group. Its primary competitors are Bernina, Brother, Baby Lock, Janome, Aisin Seiki and Juki. 

Juki Company

JUKI Company is a Japanese builder of industrial sewing machines and domestic machines headquartered in Tokyo. It’s one of the leading industrial sewing machine manufacturers. 

Headquartered inside Japan, the company currently has developing facilities inside Japan, Vietnam, and China, and markets its machines on six continents, in about one hundred and seventy countries. Up till 1988, the Juki was known as Tokyo Juki Industrial Company. 

The company motto, which doubles as a consumer creed, is “Mind & Technology” In February 2013, Sony Corporation and Juki Corporation entered negotiations to talk over a merger of the SMT equipment businesses.

In 2018, the company announced a cooperative project with The Hitachi that utilizes IoT-based advanced innovation to optimize developing processes, enhancing circuit boards’ production by tracking its inventory control and enhancing small-lot production. 

The Juki produces sewing machines for the hobbyist market or home. Today, JUKI is one of the best manufacturers of advanced computerized sewing machines competing with well-known sewing companies such as Brother, Janome, Bernina International, and Singer.